The Adipic Acid Market is on an exhilarating trajectory, poised to unleash its potential beyond traditional applications. In 2022, the market was estimated at a substantial US$ 4.65 billion, with projections indicating a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.8% from 2023 to 2028. By 2028, the market is anticipated to soar to a staggering US$ 5.82 billion.

Versatility in Application:

Beyond its historic role in nylon production, Adipic Acid is undergoing a paradigm shift, diversifying its applications across industries. The growth factors contributing to this evolution are multifaceted and promise a dynamic market landscape.

Key Growth Factors and Market Insights:

  1. Sustainability Drive: Adipic Acid emerges as a sustainable alternative, aligning with the global shift towards eco-friendly practices.
  2. Innovation in Production: Technological advancements and innovative production methods enhance the efficiency and scalability of adipic acid manufacturing.
  3. Market Expansion: Customization of adipic acid for diverse applications, from automotive to packaging, fuels its expansion into new markets.
  4. Global Demand Surge: The surge in demand for durable polyamide 66 further propels the growth of the Adipic Acid Market.

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Key Players

Some of the major players in the adipic acid market are-

  • Asahi Kasei Corporation
  • Ascend Performance Materials Inc.
  • Invista
  • Lanxess Aktiengesellschaft
  • Petrochina Liaoyang Petrochemical
  • Radici Group
  • Rhodia
  • Shandong Haili Chemical Industry Company, Ltd. (BOHUI)
  • Shandong Hongye Chemical Company, Ltd.

Regional Analysis

In terms of regions, the Asia-Pacific region is the largest consumer of adipic acid. China and Japan are the growth engines of the region with the largest share in the regional volumetric consumption of adipic acid. The market volume of the acid is relatively low in the European region and is expected to flourish with a low growth of 1.8% during the forecast period.


The journey from US$ 4.65 billion to the projected US$ 5.82 billion by 2028 is not just a financial trajectory; it reflects the unleashed potential of Adipic Acid. As it expands its footprint across industries and embraces sustainability, the market is set to redefine standards and pave the way for innovative applications. Adipic Acid is not just a chemical compound; it’s a catalyst for change, marking a new era of growth, versatility, and environmental responsibility in the ever-evolving landscape of the Adipic Acid Market.

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