In the expansive canvas of the paints and coatings sector, petroleum resins are emerging as pivotal components, propelling the market into a phase of dynamic expansion. The Petroleum Resin Market was estimated at US$ 2.65 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 7.6% during 2023-2028 to reach US$ 4.12 billion in 2028.

The growth trajectory of the petroleum resin market is intricately linked to the burgeoning demand for advanced formulations in the paints and coatings industry, where these resins play a central role in enhancing performance and durability.

Petroleum resins serve as versatile binders and tackifiers in paints and coatings, contributing to improved adhesion, flexibility, and resistance properties. As the construction and automotive sectors, among others, continue to prioritize high-performance coatings, the demand for petroleum resins has surged, creating new opportunities for market expansion.

The adaptability of petroleum resins to a myriad of formulations and their ability to address specific challenges in the paints and coatings sector underscore their significance. With innovations in formulations and a growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly coatings, the petroleum resin market is primed for sustained growth, positioning itself as a cornerstone in the evolution of advanced coatings across diverse industries.

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Key Players

Some of the major players in the petroleum resin market are:

  • Arakawa Chemical Industries Limited,
  • Anglxxon Chemical Co., Ltd.,
  • Eastman Chemical Company,
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation,
  • Innova (Tianjin) Chemical Co.,
  • Limited, Kolon Industries, Inc.,
  • Lesco Chemical Limited,
  • Neville Chemical Company,
  • Puyang Ruisen Petroleum Resins Co., Ltd., and
  • Seacon Corporation.  

Regional Analysis

In terms of regions, Asia-Pacific is leading the market for petroleum resins. China and India are the growth engines of the region. The increasing claim for petroleum resins in this region is mainly bolstered by their applications in building & construction. The presence of giant market players in the region also significantly contributes to the high demand for petroleum resins. North America is estimated to be the second-largest customer of petroleum resins globally.


The expansion of the petroleum resin market, fueled by the paints and coatings sector, reflects its integral role in shaping the future of protective and decorative coatings. As industries strive for innovation and durability in coatings, petroleum resins stand ready to meet the evolving demands, painting a vibrant picture of growth and advancement in the market.

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