Finding a great office desk chair — or even a gaming chair — can be very tricky, especially when you’re trying to manage unexpected surprises like back pain or wrist pain. Personally, I’ve used the X-Chair line for a few years now. The foam has not only held up over the years and provided the support I need for my back, but it’s also fully adjustable. More important, though, while this chair can be pricey, it’s on sale right now for $789. You can score $100 off the mesh chair right now.

The X-1 Flex Mesh Task chair features everything you need in a comfortable desk chair. Choose between a gray or black breathable flex mesh. You can customize it with heating, massaging, and cooling for an extra $150. If you’re just looking for a comfortable chair to keep the airflow going while you work, this chair is a great option for that. Also upgradeable are the wheels and armrests and a footrest.

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The chair comes with 2D adjustable armrests to ensure you have the proper ergonomic support throughout your workday. Most important, though, is the Dynamic Variable Lumbar support built into the back of the chair. It shifts with you to ensure that you get the proper back support the entire time you’re sitting; and if you need to lean back, the Extensive Variable Recline helps support you while you stretch.

These chairs usually don’t go on sale — so if you’re eyeing one for your office space, be sure to pick it up today. We don’t know how long this discount will last. Also be sure to check out our picks for best chairs for your office.

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