Today, Amazon announced its newest, smallest and lightest Kindle. The new Kindle has a 300 ppi high-resolution 6-inch display, USB-C charging, longer battery life of up to six weeks, and room for thousands of books with twice the storage as previous models, starting at $99.99. The item is available for pre-order on the Amazon website now and will ship on October 12. 

The major difference with this Kindle is its more compact design, with its 6″ display and lightweight build. Amazon claims the Kindle can fit in your pocket and make one-hand reading easier. 

Another new feature is the Kindle’s 16GB of storage, twice as much as previous models. This much storage is enough to hold thousands of titles in the palm of your hand. 

This Kindle has one purpose—convenient, distraction-free reading. With the device you can access over two million books without the temptation of swiping over to view messages, emails or social media. 

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The display on the device is also meant to facilitate reading in any setting with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images. The glare-free screen and adjustable front light and dark mode facilitate reading in different light conditions, both day and night. 

Amazon also announced the Kindle Kids version, which is the same Kindle with the addition of a one-year subscription of Amazon Kids+. This subscription provides unlimited access to thousands of books, from timeless classics to newer, popular page-turners available in the Kindle Kids+ library. 

The Kindle Kids version also allows caregivers to view the Amazon Parent Dashboard to set reading and bedtime schedules and approve of books to add to their library. 

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The Kindle Kids will be available starting at $119.99 in 16GB in Black, while the regular Kindle will be available starting at $99.99 in 16GB and in Black or Denim colors. The ad-free version of the Kindle retails at $119.99. 

This pricing makes the Kindle the cheapest of their Kindle models, with the next-most affordable Kindle being the Kindle Paperwhite which retails at $139.99. 

For a limited time, when you purchase a Kindle you will also get a free four-month Kindle Unlimited membership. This membership grants you unlimited access to over 2 million eBooks, thousands of audiobooks, and more.