Even though summer may be coming to an end, the weather is starting to cool down and you may want to spend more time cooking outside or simply maintaining your manicured yard. You can enjoy these outdoor appliances all year round, now for a discounted price. We’ve rounded up the best Outdoor deals from Amazon, Lowe’s, and Wayfair so you can end the summer with a fresh yard and fresh food using fresh new appliances. 

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  • Current price: $559
  • Original price: $699

If you’re an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast but your love for the great outdoors isn’t quite enough to give up all electricity, this Yeti Portable Power Station is a gadget worth the investment. With four different ports, you can power a phone, pellet grill, portable fridge, TV, a Wifi router, and more. The high-speed charging solutions also let you charge in a matter of minutes, so you’ll never be stranded with a dead phone. How does the portable charger charge? When paired with portable solar panels, the Yeti 500X is able to charge via the sun. You can also plug the Yeti into the wall for a full charge in 10 hours or into your car. Note, do not charge your yeti from a 12V source using any other cable other than the one that is included otherwise you may cause damage to the unit.

  • Current price: $119
  • Original price: $149

With this Cordless Trimmer, the usual fumes and chords and hassle of trimming your hedges and bushes disappear along with the excess greenery. Instead of a chord, the trimmer employs a dual line auto feed head with a 0.065-inch line able to cut a 12-inch row of grass or hedge. Operating with a 2.0 Ah (included) battery, you can get up to an hour of use with just a single charge. 

  • Current price: $607
  • Original price: $759

Ever wish you could track the fuel level or monitor how cooked meat is when grilling but don’t want to get hit by smoke once you open the lid? This grill can make that wish come true. With an attached dial-in-digital control board that works in tandem with meat probes, you can check and track without ever opening the lid. Perfect for grilling chicken, fish, or game, the hardwood pellets deliver a rich and woody flavor. You can even smoke jerky with the built-in smoker. Totalling 849 square inches of total cooking surface area and 28 inches of cooking area depth (front to back), this grill allows for meals the whole family can enjoy and is a great tool for weekly meal prep. Just make sure your desired outdoor grilling area can house this grill’s 55 X 52-inch dimensions.

  • Current price: $448
  • Original price: $599

Coming in a Royal Blue hue, this Royal Gourmet 6-burner Grill with a built-in Side Burner and Cabinet is perfect for the King (or Queen) of the Grill. Whether you’re serving up a steak, salmon, or squash, this 855 square inches of cooking area is perfect for entertaining. You also don’t have to wait for the burners to fire up as the one-button electronic ignition system allows for fast and even heat for your guests. With built-in temperature gauge monitors, you don’t have to worry about constantly checking the grill as you socialize or enjoy the outdoors. Equipped with a one-button startup and a removable grease tray, this grill makes your life easier. 

  • Current price: $199
  • Original price: $249

This four-panel, portable solar panel maximizes charging use and also easily stows away in your car for travel. The NOMAD 50 is great to pair with the Yeti 200X or the 500X to power your essentials while you’re on a long trip or going camping. With 50 Watts, you can charge power banks and power stations so that your essential electronics are always accessible and ready to work. The panels also feature built-in charging cables with an included 8 mm cable that allows you to attach additional solar panels in a chain for an even longer charge. 

Occurring annually on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is a Federal US holiday that was first celebrated in 1882. Meant to celebrate American workers and their achievements, the holiday is now usually marked by sales and symbolizes the unofficial end of summer. This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 5th. 

We comb the internet across multiple retailers and take into account a multitude of factors. First, If the product is less than 15% off, it is usually not a good deal. There are exceptions to that, such as Apple products, which are very popular but not usually on sale. Our general rule of thumb is that it has to be at least 15% off.

Additionally, we check over the past six months on any item we think it’s a great deal to make sure that you truly are getting a great deal. Anything that has been price-gouged to appear like a deal, where they raise the price a few days before and drop it back down to the “deal” the day of, has not been included on this list. We want to make sure that you get the best deal for these items.

While sales do take place on the actual Labor Day date, as with Independence Day and Memorial Day sales, you can expect deals and sales to start early leading up to the holiday and end a bit after the holiday. 

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