GoPro USB Pass-Through Door

GoPro USB Pass-Through Door

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a GoPro over a competing action camera is the massive accessories market. If there’s something you wish you existed for a GoPro, it probably does!

There’s grips and lights and microphones and much more.

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But my favorite accessory might, on the face of it, seem rather bland, but it’s allowed me to do so much with my GoPro.

It’s a replacement battery door, but with a twist. It solves one of the GoPro’s biggest limitations.


It allows you to power the GoPro using USB-C rather than the battery. 

The GoPro USB pass-through door replaces the default one with one that features  USB-C port at the bottom. This means I can power the GoPro from an external source – such as a charger or power bank — which dramatically extends the camera’s runtime.

The kit also comes with a 4.5ft. (1.37m) USB-C cable. For greater flexibility, I use a different cable, the 6ft Anker PowerLine III Flow silicone cable. The length allows me to reach a distant charger or power bank, and the flexibility of the cable means I can run it through windows or car doors (this is handy because I can keep the power source out of the elements).

Worried that this door is going to let water and dirt into your camera? Remember, this is a genuine GoPro accessory and the door has the same weather and dirt-proofing that the original door has, but adds a weatherproof USB-C port (weatherproof, not waterproof, so don’t submerge the camera). 

The replacement door fits the GoPro HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black.

USB pass-through battery door (top) vs. original battery door

USB pass-through battery door (top) vs. original battery door

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

You can plug a USB-C cable into the GoPro’s USB-C port, bypassing the internal battery.

Note that the internal battery won’t charge while the GoPro is recording.

The door also features a cable management clip that helps prevent the cable from being pulled out of the port.

The door's cable clamp helps prevent the cable from being accidentally detached