In a perfect world, you would be with your pet 24/7 and bring them everywhere with you. However, that’s not always the case — sometimes, your pet must be at home without you.

If you want to check in on your dog or cat while you’re out, a pet camera is a great option to ensure your furry friend doesn’t cause any trouble, and some models can even feed them their favorite treats or let you talk to them.

We’ve rounded up the best pet cameras with these features and more to keep tabs on your pups and felines. 

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Features: 1080p full HD | 160-degree viewing angle | Two-way audio

The Furbo Dog Camera is our pick for the best pet camera, thanks to its wide variety of features at a decent price point. Aside from its treat tossing feature, which every pet will love, it has night vision, two-way audio, and 1080p full HD video so you can see what your pet is up to and talk to them at all times. It even has a barking sensor to detect when your dog is barking, so you can tune in to see if something is wrong or talk to them to calm them down. Plus, it works with an Echo Show device, so you can ask Alexa to show you what your dog is up to in the other room (and that he isn’t eating your shoe again).


  • Great camera quality and night vision
  • Treat-tossing feature
  • Barking sensor


  • Best for dogs rather than cats
  • App connectivity could be better 

Features: 1080p Full HD | 4x zoom | Two-way audio | 130-degree wide-wangle view

This pet camera is an all-in-one interactive toy, camera, and treat dispenser. You can virtually control it via the free app to move it around a room or your yard and follow your pet, keeping them interested and entertained. Other features include two-way audio so your pet can follow your voice, night vision, and eight hours of continuous battery life on a single charge.


  • Moves around to follow your pet or keep them entertained
  • Treat dispensing
  • Works outside as well


  • Must buy TF card separately to have automatically recorded videos
  • Does not work on thick carpet 

Features: 1080p camera | Two-way audio | 165-degree field of view

The Owlet Home pet camera is a more budget-friendly option that still has great features like two-way audio, Live HD streaming, and treat dispensing capabilities. It also has night vision and motion detection that alerts you via the app when your pet is active near the camera and lets you record your voice and set it to play when a treat pops out. To prevent your pet from knocking it over, the device comes with holes to hang it on a wall and suction cups to secure it to a hard surface. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa devices.


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Live HD video streaming
  • Inexpensive for its features


  • Only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Microphone to speak to your pet could be louder 

Features: 1080p HD video | 160-degree field of view | 4x digital zoom | Two-way audio

This pet camera is perfect for your feline friend. It has a built-in laser toy you can remotely control that cats will love while you are away for the day. While on the expensive side, this pet camera has premium features like real-time sound and motion alerts, premium two-way audio with four microphones, built-in Alexa assistant so you can order your pet’s favorite treats with your voice, and built-in vet chat to chat with a licensed vet if you have any questions about your pet’s behavior. In addition, the nonstick rubber bottom makes it harder for your mischievous cat to knock it over.


  • The laser will keep cats occupied and active
  • Amazon Alexa capabilities
  • Built-in vet chat


  • Most expensive option on our list
  • Additional special features are only available with a monthly subscription 

Features: 1080p HD video | 135-degree field of view | 6x digital zoom | 4 color options

If you’re looking for a smart home device that can double as a pet camera, the Google Nest Cam is a great option to keep a watchful eye on your dog or cat that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. You can set activity zones that only cover the areas you want to be notified about, and it has night vision up to 15 feet, so you can see what your furry friends are getting up to late at night. It also has 6x zoom and two-way audio with noise cancellation.


  • Two-way audio that includes noise cancellation
  • Activity zones
  • Can control the other smart home devices in your home


  • No pet-specific features 

The best pet camera is the Furbo Dog Camera, due to its camera quality, unique features like a treat dispenser and a barking sensor, and its price.

Pet camera



Furbo Dog Camera


1080p full HD, 160-degree viewing angle, two-way audio, and night vision

SKYMEE Owl Robot


1080p Full HD, 4x zoom, two-way audio, 130-degree wide-wangle view, and night vision

Owlet Home Pet Camera


1080p camera, two-way audio, 165-degree field of view, night vision, and motion detection

Petcube Play 2


1080p HD video, 160-degree field of view, 4x digital zoom, two-way audio with four microphones, and motion alerts

Google Nest Cam


1080p HD video, 135-degree field of view, 6x digital zoom, two-way audio with noise cancellation, and activity zones

Any of these pet cameras are great options—it ultimately comes down to what video qualities are important to you, what (if any) special features you want, and what price you’re willing to spend.

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Furbo Dog Camera

The best overall option. 

SKYMEE Owl Robot 

A pet camera that can interact with your dog or cat.

Owlet Home Pet Camera

A budget-friendly pet camera.

Petcube Play 2

A pet camera with a built-in laser that cats will love. 

Google Nest Cam

A smart home device that can keep tabs on your furry friend.

We chose these pet cameras after extensive research into the product category. We compared factors like pricing, reviews (both good and bad), different features that make each pet camera stand out, and the video quality of each camera.

While a camera made specifically for pets can have fun features like treat dispensers or barking detection, you can still check in on your pet with an indoor security camera. If you opt for a regular indoor camera, be sure to still look for features like motion detection, 1080p video quality, and different viewing angles.

In addition, you can always turn on your computer’s webcam while you are away and use Skype or FaceTime to see what your cat or dog is getting up and record the session. 

Each pet is different and has different emotions/triggers when it comes to separation anxiety. While a pet camera with two-way audio that allows your pet to hear your voice might help some animals, others might find it stressful that you aren’t physically there or get triggered by the look/sounds of the pet camera itself. You know your pet best—so you’ll know what works for them!

Here are a few other options worth looking into:

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