Buying a green screen, mounting kit, and lights separately can be a hassle, as well as expensive. Thankfully, Neewer has you covered with a complete photo and videography kit that includes a 6×9-foot backdrop, mounting rod and tripods, clamps, and two fill lights with diffuser umbrellas. 

The backdrop is made of muslin cloth, making it easy to spot clean and iron when needed, and the included mounting system makes setup quick and simple. The included lights also come with their own tripods and lightbulbs, so you can get started filming right away. It even includes two, heavy-duty carrying bags to keep your lights and backdrop safe from damage while in storage or traveling. 

I have two of Neewer’s umbrella diffuser fill lights that I had bought separately from my 2-in-1 green screen, and they do an excellent job of eliminating shadows without being harsh or washing out subjects.