While a picture is worth a thousand words, you probably have more than one meaningful photo you want to showcase in your home or office. Instead of just placing one or two photos in a frame, a digital picture frame cycles through all of your photos, so you can relive your most memorable moments over and over. 

Digital picture frames shuffle your photos into a slideshow, so those wedding photos have a permanent place to live, and you don’t have to choose just one. Although smart displays can do the same thing, you may prefer a digital picture frame because you can set it and forget, and they have more design options available, which is nice if you want a frame for its beauty and not just its tech. 

These devices have been around for a while, but that just means they’ve had time to get better. Currently, there are plenty of nice ones to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best digital picture frames (both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi) to help you showcase photos. 

The Nixplay Smart Digital picture frame is our pick for the best digital picture frame thanks to its features, photo storage, style, and price range. 

Digital picture frame




Nixplay Frame


1280 x 800

50 GB

Loop Frame



16 GB

Aluratek Frame


1024 x 600

4 GB

Amazon Echo Show 8


1280 x 800

Prime members get unlimited cloud photo storage

NIX Frame


1280 x 800


While all of these digital picture frames are great options, it ultimately comes down to how you want to upload your photos, the amount of storage you want, and what you’re willing to spend.

Choose this digital picture frame…

If you want…

Nixplay Frame

The best overall option.

Loop Frame

An easy-to-use digital picture frame.

Aluratek Frame

A digital picture frame that is budget-friendly.

Amazon Echo Show 8

An all-in-one smart home device that can display your photos.

NIX Frame

A digital picture frame that doesn’t need Wi-Fi to work.

We chose these digital picture frames after extensive research into the product category. We compared factors like pricing, reviews (both good and bad), storage, and photo resolution. 

Although most digital picture frames require Wi-Fi to connect to services like Google Photos or Dropbox, there are some products available that don’t need Wi-Fi. Instead, they use a USB or an SD card to showcase photos and videos. 

The non-Wi-Fi frames on this list are the Loop frame, the Aluratek frame, and the NIX frame. 

Here are a few other options to look into:

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