Philips Hue Smart Bulb


Until I installed the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED smart bulbs in my apartment, I didn’t know how awesome lighting could actually be. Now that I have them in my home, I can’t imagine going back to regular bulbs. While they can run fairly expensive, right now, you can get them on sale for only $79, saving you 41% on these smart bulbs.

You can also save an extra 15% on these bulbs at checkout when you apply the Amazon coupon before adding them to your cart, bringing the price down further.

This energy-saving three-pack of bulbs can help you set the mood in your home, included dedicated reading and concentration settings for study time. If I prefer fall-like ambiances, the bulbs also have me covered with dedicated red and orange shades. However, there are 16 million different colors to choose from, offering a truly customizable experience.

With the free Hue Bluetooth app, I can go in and make simple adjustments from brightening to darkening. Alternately, they work with Alexa and Google, and so I can use voice commands to adjust the lighting and even turn them off at bedtime.

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Plus, when you integrate other aspects of your smart home system in with these bulbs, you can have them help set the ambiance while you’re watching TV, so if you’re watching that horror flick, you’ll get dark lights – and colorful ambiance when watching musical hits. Heads up, you’ll need to invest in the Philips Hue Hub to get that setting down, but it’s totally worth it (and it’s also $50 off right now). While I live in an apartment and can’t incorporate them outdoors, they are outdoor-friendly, and you can program them to turn on and off at certain times for extra security.

I cannot say enough great things about these lights now that they’re integrated into my home – I am spoiled by how easy they are to use that much – and at 41% off (plus an extra 15%), the $73 price tag is a total steal since they’re designed to work over 22 years. 

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