If you are a new parent, you know how valuable keeping track of your baby’s health is. From baby monitors to baby guards, as a new parent, you want to make sure your baby is thriving at all times. Today, Anker’s baby brand eufy dropped the eufy S340 Smart Sock, an innovative product that can give you new tools for tracking your baby’s wellness. 

For $330, you get a wellness tracking Smart Sock, a 2k resolution camera,, a charger and an app to track everything – and no monthly subscription fee for accessing your data.

The star of the show is the S340 Smart Sock which keeps track of your baby’s sleep data including heart rate, sleep status and movements. The Smart Sock uses a Fresnel lens, providing more accurate readings that you can access on the eufy Baby app at no additional cost. This data can help you better understand your baby’s sleep patterns. 



The Smart Sock is made from a dirt-resistant, flexible, and washable material that is gentle on your baby’s skin and comes in 3 different sizes, maximizing your baby’s comfort. Besides the comfort, the flexible sizes extend the amount of time your baby can use the product—up to 18 months old. 

The S340 Smart Sock also comes with a Smart Baby Monitor that has a 2k high-resolution camera with a 330 degree pan and 110 tilt. The monitor has night vision and a 4x zoom feature. 

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Included in the purchase is a base which utilizes Bluetooth long range technology to alert you on how your baby is doing. If your baby is fine, the base glows green and if your baby needs to be checked on, it will glow red and make a sound. 

The base doubles as a wireless charging station for the Smart Sock. On a full charge, the Smart Sock has battery life of 24 hours. 

In addition to the base, you can also get instant notifications on the app about your baby’s latest updates, regardless of where you are. 

Again, the S340 Smart Sock retails at $330 and has no additional costs for access to sleep data, history, reports and video clips. It’s unclear to us what the difference is between the S340 Smart Sock and the S340 Smart Sock Bundle, other than the bundle costs $50 extra. We’ve put in a question to Anker to clarify and we’ll update this article when we hear back.