Google unveiled even more seasonal chimes for its Nest doorbell, including themed chimes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Oktoberfest.

Google’s smart doorbell, Nest, is known for shaking up the doorbell chime status quo, introducing festive and unique chimes since 2018. For Nest owners looking for more distinctive doorbell chimes, you’re in luck.

While Google has already released festive doorbell chimes for Christmas, but they’re now releasing themed tunes for other cultural holidays, like Lunar New Year and Diwali.

For Halloween, a spooky witch’s cackle will be available to beef up the scare factor for trick-or-treaters.

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Thanksgiving’s festive chime features the Nest’s classic “ding dong” accompanied by a turkey gobble.

But Google’s most unique Nest chime is the Oktoberfest Accordion Polka. At only five seconds long, it features a German accordion tune, reminiscent of traditional melodies heard at Oktoberfest.

Google plans to release more distinctive Nest chimes throughout the holiday season, but there are other unconventional chimes available year-round for those looking to stray from the standard doorbell chime.

Nest owners can download holiday chimes for a limited time through the Google Home app.