3 Footed Monster magnetic mount

3 Footed Monster magnetic mount

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

I could have called this “How to fit a GoPro to your car or truck,” pointed you to a cheap suction mount, and told you to have fun.

But the problem with this is that this is a fast track to mayhem. If — or more likely, when — the GoPro flies off the car, the best you can hope for is that you’re down a GoPro. Worse, it could go through someone else’s windshield, hit a passerby, or damage something or someone.

And that someone or something might be you or yours or your stuff.

I always work to minimize the risk to others and other people’s property, and to minimize the risk to me and my property. This is why I only use good quality mounts such as the 3 Footed Monster Pro.

Yeah, I know, it can seem like a strange thing to do, but in the world of travel and adventure vloggers and YouTubers, attaching a GoPro to a vehicle is a common thing.

Not only is this a great way to capture footage of the area you’re in, but it can also great a great way to capture what’s called B-roll footage (footage that’s intertwined with the main footage to support the story, offer a different viewpoint, create tension, or to highlight a point).

Now the 3 Footed Monster Pro is big and expensive (and very often on back order). But it’s a high quality mount. The magnetic base is strong and does a good job of fixing to ferrous surfaces such as car body panels, street lights, and pretty much anything magnetic you can think of. 

Perfect for the GoPro or other action camera