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I have a lot of Android devices, many of which connect to various Bluetooth devices. My wife also has a lot of Android devices as well. Together, that collection of devices can make it a bit challenging when connecting Bluetooth accessories. This is compounded when you have multiple instances of the same device. For example, my wife and I both have Pixel 6 Pro phones.

Out of the box, those devices are named — you guessed it — Pixel 6 Pro. So, if both of our phones are around when I go to connect an accessory, I’m not certain which device I’m connecting to.

There’s a very easy way to solve that problem, one I always take care of when I first set up an Android device. That solution is to rename your Android device for the purpose of Bluetooth connections. 

For those who might be concerned that renaming a device can cause problems… fret not. Google has made it simple to do this, and the only effect on the device is that it will  broadcast a unique name to any accessory or other device that wants to connect.

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So, how do you do this? Easy. Let me show you.

How to rename your Android phone for Bluetooth connections


The only thing you’ll need to make this work is an updated Android device that runs any version of the operating system newer than Android 9 (which should be just about every Android device on the planet at this point).

The first thing you need to do is open Connection Preferences, which is located in Settings > Connected Devices.

From the Connection Preferences window, tap Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth entry within Connection Preferences.