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We’ve all felt the fear of sending an email too early, without the proper attachment, or to the completely wrong person, and then having to quickly craft an anxious email with a creative excuse — or simply succumb to embarrassment. 

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the few email platforms that allow you to recall emails. With this feature, you won’t have to feel as fearful of your Monday brain and can move on with your week mistake-free.

It’s important to address a few feature requirements and caveats. First, for the recall and resend feature to work:

  • Both you and your recipient must have Microsoft Outlook email addresses.
  • The email can only be recalled if it was not read or opened by the recipient.
  • The permanent recall feature is only available on a PC. Mac users will have to resort to the Undo toggle, which gives you up to a 10-second grace period to edit or rescind an email after sending it. I’ll explain how to do that later in the article. 

With that said, keeping in mind when you can use it, it’s a great feature. 

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How to recall an email in Outlook

In your inbox, click on the tab on the very left side of your screen labeled Sent Items. Then, select the email you want to recall. It should expand onto the right side of the window.

Location of Sent Items in Outlook.

The Sent Items feature is located between the Inbox and Drafts. 

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In the upper left corner of the Outlook app, select the File tab and a drop-down menu will appear. From there, select Info.