Asian businesswoman talking to a virtual assistant on a smartphone in the rain.

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Siri and I have a love-hate relationship. We get along sometimes, until it decides to have a mind of its own and show me it really never deserved my trust. I joke, of course. But changing Siri’s voice can make the virtual assistant more palatable, not to mention more amusing.

Admittedly, Siri’s come a long way to become a somewhat reliable voice assistant. Asking it to do things works over half the time now, and it’s always fun to try. 

But changing Siri’s voice goes beyond giving it a fun, new accent. With a variety of voices to choose from, including accents, genders, and a gender-neutral option, Siri can now sound more like your own voice. As one of many immigrants in this country, for me, that little bit of inclusivity goes a long way in a world of growing divisions.

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How to change Siri’s voice

One of the first things I do when I get a new iPhone is change Siri’s voice. I like having my devices tailored to my personal liking. So, whenever I have something new, I enjoy going through all the available customizations and getting familiar with all the settings, and Siri is no exception. 

You can find Siri’s settings and customization options within your iPhone’s Settings application.

iPhone Settings application highlighted in green box.

Go to your iPhone’s settings.

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Scroll down through your Settings until you find Siri & Search in the available options.