Tesla Model S at a Supercharger station

Tesla has yet to announce the release of their most advanced supercharger, the Supercharger V4. However, due to design plans we know what the Supercharger V4 will look like – and now construction plans reveal where the first site will be located. 

The new Supercharger V4 site will be arriving in Yuma County, Arizona, according to images of a construction site shared by a Tesla aficionado on Twitter. Tesla did not immediately respond to ZDNET to confirm the authenticity of this site.

The site, planned on a vacant lot by the Dateland Travel Center along Interstate 8, will be a large one with 40 stalls, two 4,500 square-foot solar arrays and a Megapack. 

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The solar arrays will be put to good use in Yuma, Ariz., which only gets 3.5 inches of rain a year and experiences beaming sun on a daily basis. 

The Tesla Megapack at the site will also harness the sunlight to store high outputs of energy. According to the Tesla website, each Megapack unit can store over 3 MWh of energy, which is enough energy to power an average of 3,600 homes for one hour. 

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The Supercharger V3, the Supercharger currently used, was launched in 2019 and has an output of 250 kW. We can expect the new Supercharger to exceed its predecessor in charging power with at least 300 kW. 

Despite the increased power output, the design of the Supercharger V4 will remain basically the same. The design plans reveal that it will have its same shape, with the only difference being that the nozzle will live on the outside as opposed to the hollow inside where it lives now. 

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