Worried about hackers lately? With the sudden influx of hacking attempts, it makes sense to opt for password encryption for extra security. If you’ve never tried one before, Dashlane password manager is hosting a 50% off sale right now for new customers. With a special code, you can get the premium package for only $30 for one year.

Dashlane can be your one-stop shop for all of your passwords. Working across all your devices, it can ensure that your passwords are not only kept encrypted, but you can access and log into your accounts anywhere. While their free subscription can only handle 50 passwords across one device, the premium package saves an unlimited number of passwords across unlimited devices, making it a much better choice for those that have phones, tablet, and more.

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In addition to this password sync feature, you’ll also get the ability to auto-populate payment checkouts, a dedicated VPN, and access to a customizable password generator. For those that worry about the dark web, you’ll also get monitoring and alerts should anything of yours show up on said dark web. 

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, this is a great deal to keep your passwords protected, and this password manager is so great we’ve included it on our picks for best password managers. Use code web50neverbreached at checkout to get the deal. The code is only good through September 7, so be sure to take advantage of this Labor Day deal before it expires. After the first year, the subscription will cost $59 a year, or $6.49 per month.

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