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Have you ever opened an app and just been frustrated by the functionality and design? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Users leave millions of reviews on the Apple App Store expressing their frustrations with these apps. A new Decluttr study sifted through all of these reviews to compile the top 40 apps with the most negative reviews. 


In first place comes Facebook, with 61% of the social media app’s 1.25 million total reviews giving a 1-star rating. The app holds a 2.2-star rating in the app store despite being one of the most downloaded social media apps globally. 

User frustration can stem from many different factors, including an app’s interface, app performance issues, and data and privacy breaches. For Facebook, it is likely that the recent bad press involving privacy concerns affected the users’ feelings toward the app. 

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The second app on the list is the streaming service HBO Max. This app came in first for “least entertaining app” and second overall, with 38.2% of its reviews being 1-star. 

The app has had functionality issues, the most notorious one being when for thousands of users it crashed during the premiere of the Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon,” which millions of fans tuned in to watch after a three-year wait. 

For all the HBO Max users, don’t worry, a new redesign will be coming soon. Warner Bros. has announced that HBO Max and Discovery+ are merging into a single streaming service with a new app that will be out next summer, Engadget reported last month.   

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In third place is another social media app, Snapchat, with 24% of its reviews being 1-star. The report says these ratings are likely because of the quality of Snapchat pictures on Android devices — pics may appear grainy and pixelated. Another factor is safety concerns involving location sharing via Snap Maps.

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